Tea Towel Curtains

Today I wanted to share a super quick DIY I created to spruce up my kitchen. I have a few smaller windows in my kitchen that get great light and I didn’t want to weight them down with big window treatments. After some brainstorming, I decided to use a tea towel to get the look I wanted. This project is so quick and easy!

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– Tea Towel
– Iron-on Hem Tape
– Small Curtain Rod

I decided that I wanted my curtain rod to be copper, so I chose to spray paint it — a completely optional step. If you do choose to spray paint your curtain rod, do so first to allow for dry time.

1. Iron tea towel smooth and flat. This is a bit of a chore because the fabric is a bit wrinkly and needs a good bit of steam to get a nice flatness to it.

2. Depending on the size of your window, you may choose to cut your towel in half. My windows are only 26″ wide, so one tea towel created two curtains for me.

3. Iron the hem tape on to the wrong side of the top of your curtain. Pull off the paper backing of the hem tape. Fold the top over on the wrong side to create a loop for the curtain rod — be sure to measure with your curtain rod to make sure there is enough space! Iron down the hem tape.

Voila! You can choose to end the project here, if you want nice simple curtains, or you can decide to decorate them however you wish. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of the tribal patterns so, I chose to paint a pattern on my curtains. You could choose stamps or dip dye, or whatever you like!  
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This project was so simple, I was able to finish in one afternoon. As you can see, the curtains are loved by all members of my household, including the furballs. Thanks so much, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you decide to do this project too, be sure to share with us in the comments or #camaraderieblog on social media.
Until next time…
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10 thoughts on “Tea Towel Curtains

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  3. Very cool! I was just talking to my neighbor last night about the copper hammered spray finish. He DIY’d a “colander light” (inserted an old-fashioned Edison type bulb into a copper colander). I suggested he hammer the colander or use the hammered paint to get some texture on the copper.

    • That’s sounds like a very cool project — almost Steampunk! I’m not so sure that the hammered paint gives the same effect as actually taking a hammer to something, but it definitely produces a textured finish. I’ve used the paint for a few projects and I like the results.

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